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Save up to 40% off Positive Grid’s guitar plugins, including Bias Amp 2 and FX 2

Save up to 40% off Positive Grid’s guitar plugins, including Bias Amp 2 and FX 2
(Image credit: Positive Grid)

Positive Grid has been causing quite a stir with its incoming Spark smart amp and app which we just declared the best amp on show at NAMM 2020

And for good reason. Not only can the amp jam along with you, but Spark can work with Spotify, Apple Music and YouTube, enabling you to choose any song for which the Spark will display chords in real-time. You can even slow the tempo or loop a section until you've nailed it. It’s got voice control, too...

The Spark's Tone Engine offers amp modelling and effects powered by Positive Grid's acclaimed BIAS plugins, so great sounds are a given. And right now these top-rated guitar plugins are available with a hefty discount.

BIAS Amp 2 is Positive Grid’s best ever software amp modelling plugin, and we loved it when we took it for a spin last year. This second gen plugin features more responsive amp tones than its predecessor and impressively deep levels of tone editing: select your amp, then modify everything from the preamp and power amp tubes to the biasing and EQ shelf frequencies, before playing around with cabs and mics. It’s a tonehound’s dream.

BIAS FX 2 is described as an ‘all-in-one guitar powerhouse' that turns your computer into a virtual electric, acoustic or bass guitar rig. Featuring a huge collection of amps, effects and HD racks, you can piece together the ultimate pedalboard or tap into a vintage amp tone without dropping thousands on gear, all from the comfort of your home.

Both plugins are currently available with up to $120 off. There are three tiers to choose from, unlocking more features, functions and sounds the higher up you go. The discounts look like this:

  • Elite tierwas $299, now $179
  • Pro tierwas $199, now $119
  • Standard tierwas $99, now $79

Positive Grid is also knocking money off its BIAS Studio bundles and Bias expansion packs, whilst there’s still time to get money off your pre-order of the Spark. There are various bundles to choose from, but hurry as they're only available in limited numbers.