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Save over £104 on a Samsung 500GB Solid State Drive with this pre-Prime Day music deal at Amazon

Samsung T5 SSD deal at Amazon
(Image credit: Samsung)

If, like us, you’ve been making way more music than normal over the last 6 months thanks to spending more time at home, then you’re probably starting to run out of space on your laptop or PC.

While it’s not a glamorous purchase, a portable hard drive is a great investment if you spend time moving between studios, you rely on large sample libraries, need to store old projects or you’re a vlogger dealing with giant files. 

Right now, Amazon is offering a 58% discount on the 500GB Samsung T5 SSD, the number one portable drive in our guide to the best external hard drives. This drops the price from almost £180, to just £74.65. With Amazon Prime Day on the horizon, you should get used to seeing great Prime Day music deals like this.

There’s money to be saved on the giant 2TB model too, but the 500GB deal is by far the best value for money.

The Samsung T5 Solid State Drive series is notable for its USB C connectivity and 540 MB per second data transfer speeds. This drive is also shock resistant, meaning it should survive life on the go, or the odd drop from your workstation to the studio floor.