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Save big on this HSS Fender Player Stratocaster as part of Guitar Center’s pre-Black Friday sale

Save big on this HSS Fender Player Stratocaster as part of Guitar Center’s pre-Black Friday sale
(Image credit: Fender)

The Guitar Center Black Friday deals are here, and they have certainly been worth the wait. We’re seeing big discounts to be had on electronic drums, digital pianos, guitar VSTs and other tech, but where Guitar Center shines through is in their electric guitar deals. More specifically, this deal - where you can save a massive $110 on a Fender Player Stratocaster HSS in Sienna Sunburst.

There aren’t many guitars as iconic and well-known as the Fender Strat. Guitarists of all generations have turned to the Strat to find their tone, and even after nearly 70 years it’s a design still as innovative and interesting as it’s always been. Granted, there have been some tweaks and updates to the design in that time, and the Player series represents the most up-to-date, optimised version of the Strat for the modern guitarist. 

Fender Player Strat HSS Ltd. Ed: $859

Fender Player Strat HSS Ltd. Ed:$859, now $749
The Fender Strat is an electric guitar capable of an awful lot. Since its introduction in 1954, players have been enamored with its comfort, ergonomics and most importantly, the tone. This Limited Edition Player Strat brings those cues forward to the present day, with the addition of a Player Series humbucker in the bridge position. The HSS configuration enables you to explore a broader pallet of tones, while still retaining that iconic Strat tone you know and love. Save $110 at Guitar Center until November 24th. 

For the money, this Player Strat is one of our favourites. The aforementioned pickup configuration is one of our major highlights, but our appreciation for this guitar doesn't stop there. The 22-fret maple neck is complimented by a contemporary 9.5” radius, making string bends a breeze while also providing comfort when playing bass notes with the thumb. 

This Player Strat is a ‘Plus Top’ model, so beyond the gorgeous Sienna Sunburst is a flamed maple that we love. There aren’t many things in life better than a flamed maple top - so to have one on a top pick Stratocaster makes for a killer Black Friday guitar deal

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