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Prime Day lightning deal! Tune up with big savings on these D'Addario guitar accessories

D'Addario guitar tuners
(Image credit: D'addario)

Prime Day music deals: We're starting to see some great Amazon Prime Day deals for guitarists coming through as the 48-hour event properly gets underway.

This time limited lightning deal on D'Addario tuners is a particular belter. If you don't own a clip-on tuner, we'd recommend investing now while they're dirt cheap.

These tuners come in two guises: the clip-on type which attaches discretely to the front or back of your headstock and the clip-free option which screws directly into the screw hole of one of your machine heads.

Both tuners feature a clear backlit screen, helping you tune up on dark stages, plus a swivel arm so you can position it where you need it. Most importantly, the tuning system itself is incredibly accurate, keeping your sound on point from the opening number to the encore.

D'Addario NS Micro Clip-On Tuner (2-pack). Now $18.66
If you play more than one guitar, save yourself the hassle of switching your tuner between headstocks with this handy double pack. This time limited deal ends at 5.05pm today.

View Deal

D'Addario NS Micro Clip Free Tuner. Was $17.95, now $15.65
Mount this tuner to one of your guitar's machine heads and enjoy precise tuning on the go. It's even got a built-in metronome, ideal for home practice. This time limited deal ends at 5.05pm today.View Deal

D'Addario NS Micro Clip-On Tuner (single). Just $9.08
You'll never go out of tune with this clipped to your guitar or bass. It's easy to use, displays tuning information clearly and can be mounted discretely on the rear of your headstock. This time limited deal ends at 5.05pm today.View Deal