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Positive Grid's massive BIAS sale will save you hundreds of dollars on guitar amp and effects modelling

Positive Grid's massive BIAS sale will save you hundreds of dollars on guitar amp and effects modelling
(Image credit: Positive Grid)

As the Black Friday guitar deals continue to hurtle towards us, Positive Grid is reminding us of its origins with a Thanksgiving sale that includes some succulent BIAS and BIAS FX reductions for tone-hungry guitarists who are after more than a slice of turkey this November.

Positive Grid’s BIAS and BIAS FX software delivers a massive collection of amp and effect modelling at your fingertips, and right now PG is offering up to 50% off the regular prices of both titles, as well as discounts on bundles and related add-on packs. While you're at it, there's currently 15% off the fantastic Positive Grid Spark 40 smart amp, too.

Let's take a closer look...

Positive Grid BIAS FX 2

Positive Grid’s BIAS FX 2  gives you a complete virtual rig with amps, cabs and effects models. The software includes Positive Grid’s Guitar Match function which enables you to capture and save the tonal response of a guitar, then overlay it onto another: want the feel of a Les Paul but with the bite of a Telecaster pickup? This is the tool for you. 

Bias FX 2 is offered at three different price points with additional functionality as you move up the tiers. Plus, there's a mobile version (scroll down for a deal on both platforms together!) 

The current offer saves you 50% on the regular ticket price for Elite and Pro, plus there's a sizable $40 off the Standard version, down from $99 to just $59.

Here's how the different versions stack-up in comparison.

Positive Grid BIAS Amp 2

Designed to give you component-level editing of your virtual amps, Positive Grid BIAS Amp 2 is a totally customisable amp room. From swapping tubes and power amps to transformers and tone stacks, you can get your hands as dirty as you like. From here, you can choose the type of cab your amp is running through, plus how it is mic’d, with a choice and combination of virtual mic placements.

As well as this, there’s Positive Grid’s impressive Amp Match feature, which allows you to approximate your dream amp sound using audio files from recordings. From here, you can continue to tweak and tailor the sound to your needs.

As with bias FX 2, BIAS Amp 2 is available in three tiers: Elite, Professional and Standard, with discounts applied to all three. The best deals are on the upper-level Elite and Pro versions, both with 50% discount applied. This takes the BIAS Amp Elite price down from $299 to $149, the Professional version from $199 to just $99 and Bias Amp Standard to $59.

Here’s a comparison of what each version includes:

BIAS FX Expansion Packs

The most common complaint with companies offering huge discounts is normally from the loyal, early-adopters who have already forked-out for products. Well, if that’s you, here are three expansion pack deals that will cost you less than a budget overdrive pedal, and offer a lot more.