Guitar Center's epic Cyber Monday sale is live - massive discounts on digital pianos, electric guitars and home recording gear

Guitar Center's epic Cyber Monday sale is live - massive discounts on digital pianos, electric guitars and home recording gear
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Did you miss out on a deal on Black Friday? Well, don’t worry as the folks over at Guitar Center have your back and have extended their sale into a full week of monster savings - that’s right a full week - although you’re best to grab a deal quick, as we are seeing a lot of products selling out fast. 

Guitar Center has just launched its Cyber Week sale, which sees heavy discounts on a range of music-making equipment from a brilliant beginner digital piano, a stellar electric guitar, or a myriad of recording equipment.

There's an impressive range of gear on sale from all the biggest brands in music, with the likes of $500 off the rock'n'roll classic that is the Gibson Les Paul, $40 off the podcasters microphone of choice, the Shure SM7B and $30 off the ultimate beginner’s keyboard, the Casio Casiotone CT-S410. It’s fair to say that there is something for everyone here. So whether you're a guitarist, a pianist, or a producer this is the place to be. 

Below you'll find some of our highlights from this mega sale. 

Behringer TD-3-SR: Was $149

Behringer TD-3-SR: Was $149, now $89
There's an argument to say that, if you're going to get a 303-style synth, the original silver colour is the way to go, and when you consider that Guitar Center is selling it at a $60 discount, that colour looks even more appealing.

Fender Player Strat HSS Plus Top: Was $859

Fender Player Strat HSS Plus Top: Was $859, now $699
This HSS-configured Plus Top Player Strat in Sienna Sunburst may just be the one for you if those previous options are a bit too plain for you. A regular Player Strat at heart, this guitar is capable of just that little bit more than most Strats thanks to the Player Series humbucker in the bridge. With $160 off right now, you can save big at Guitar Center.

Gretsch Guitars G2420T: Was $549.99

Gretsch Guitars G2420T: Was $549.99, $349.99
Gretsch Streamliner guitars are stonking value at full retail price, so this deal at Guitar Center makes the G2420T unmissable. Nothing sounds like a Gretsch and this maple-bodied, Bigsby-rocking hollow-body nails that signature tone precisely, in no small part due to the wonderfully sonic BroadTron humbucking pickups. You know you've always wanted one…

Alesis Nitro Mesh SE: Was $379.99

Alesis Nitro Mesh SE: Was $379.99, $324.99
This special edition Alesis Nitro Mesh proves that it's possible for great e-kits to be affordable. You get tuneable mesh heads here instead of cheap-feeling rubber, which feel closer to playing an acoustic drum set, while keeping the noise down to a minimum. This already affordable e-kit has $55 off right now at Guitar Center.

Shure SM7B: Was $399

Shure SM7B: Was $399, $359
If you buy just one microphone in your lifetime the Shure SM7B deserves a place on your shortlist. It's a mic that excels at broadcast applications because it flatters any voice, even in the worst untreated rooms. It's also a superb vocal mic for singers, whether on stage or in the studio. Need to record instruments? It's great for guitar cabs and drum kits too. The word legendary is overused but it's well-deserved here. Get it while it's cheap!

M-Audio Keystation 49es MK3: Was $119

M-Audio Keystation 49es MK3: Was $119, $89
An affordable MIDI keyboard is a must-have accessory for every home producer, and the M-Audio Keystation is an incredibly popular option. This slimline controller features 49 full-size velocity-sensitive keys and even comes with a volume fader, transport, and directional buttons for easy control of your recording software. 

Casio Casiotone CT-S410: Was 229.99

Casio Casiotone CT-S410: Was 229.99, $199.99
Casio is no stranger to the world of beginner keyboards and the Casiotone CT-S410 proves why they are so beloved in this category. Featuring 61 full-size keys with touch response, pitch bend wheel, and easy-to-use controls, as well as 600 AiX-powered sounds and 200 full accompaniment rhythms, this is a fantastic keyboard for the budding pianist. 

MXL V250 Condenser Microphone: Save 15%

MXL V250 Condenser Microphone: Save 15%
You can spend thousands on a decent vocal mic. Or you can buy an MXL V250 with 15% off. This large diaphragm condenser, with its characterful 10kHz presence boost, has been specifically voiced for vocals. It exhibits a rich, full-bodied sound that flatters almost anyone who gets near, but it loves acoustic guitars and pianos too. Grab one now while the price is so low.

Denon DJ PRIME GO DJ Controller: Was $999

Denon DJ PRIME GO DJ Controller: Was $999, $849.15
The power of Denon's acclaimed PRIME series but this time in a portable, lithium battery fuelled package. No need for a laptop, just get out there and GO! The 7" touchscreen gives you a high definition, multi-gesture experience and the GO can even stream audio over the internet. Shove it in your backpack and you're ready to perform anywhere.

Supro Delta King 8 was Was $449, $329

Supro Delta King 8 was Was $449, $329
A small valve combo amp that packs huge quality, Supro's reputation for tone and build quality rings very true here. And with a $120 this might be the best valve amp bargain we see this cyber weekend. 

Martin Special GPC Road Series: Save 15%

Martin Special GPC Road Series: Save 15%
This is one gorgeous acoustic electric guitar at an incredible price. Obviously, the spruce top looks out of this world but the glossed etimoe back and sides? The only word is stunning. Being a Martin, it plays and sounds every bit as good as it looks, and the Fishman MX-T pickup system will give your audience a share of all that rich tone too.

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