The biggest-selling effects pedal of 2021 on Reverb is an unsung hero

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Effects pedals are not going away – in fact the market is bigger than ever. And we're happy to see it as big names and smaller operations create inspiring new sounds for us to create and go overdrawn on our bank accounts with. But amongst the showboating boutique overdrive, reverb and delay pedals, there's a dark horse that's been announced as its top-seller of 2021. 

It's the Keeley Compressor Plus! 

And considering how versatile compression stompboxes can be, it's perhaps not such a surprise to hear one of the best compressor pedals of all time making its way to so many pedalboards. But what other pedals are resonating  with players?


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And this is where it gets interesting - a looper pedal is at number two in the chart. The compact and simple TC Electronic Ditto.  But three couldn't be more different; the Line 6 HX Stomp. perhaps the best multi-effects amp processor for value currently on the market.

Meanwhile the Boss DS-1 is still going strong! Let's take a look at the whole top 20 and be sure to check out our links to find out more. 

Reverbs's biggest-selling pedals of 2021 overall

1. Keeley Compressor Plus

2. TC Electronic Ditto Looper

3. Line 6 HX Stomp

4. Boss DS-1 Distortion

5. Hologram Electronics Microcosm

6. ProCo Rat 2

7. MXR M169 Carbon Copy

8. Boss BD-2 Blues Driver

9. Strymon Iridium

10. Boss SD-1 Super Overdrive

11. Ibanez TS9 Tubescreamer

12. EarthQuaker Devices Plumes

13. Electro-Harmonix Op-Amp Big Muff Reissue

14. TC Electronic Polytune 3

15. Boss TU-3 Chromatic Tuner

16. Dunlop Cry Baby Wah GCB-95

17. Keeley Caverns Delay Reverb V2

18. JHS Morning Glory V4

19. Boss GE-7 Graphic EQ

20. Digitech Drop

Reverb has also listed the top 10 pedals released this year in terms of sales on the site. And 2021 was a very good year with Universal Audio making its debut into the world of high end stompboxes and Earthquaker Devices and Walrus Audio affirming their places as one of the best pedal designers in the world right now… 

Earthquaker Devices

(Image credit: Earthquaker Devices )

1. EarthQuaker Devices Astral Destiny

2. EarthQuaker Devices Hizumitas (Standard Release Only)

3. Walrus Audio Mako R1

4. Walrus Audio Mako ACS1

5. Way Huge Atreides Analog Weirding Module

6. JHS PackRat

7. Boss HM-2W Heavy Metal Waza Craft

8. Boss SD-1 40th Anniversary Super Overdrive

9. Universal Audio Starlight Echo Station

10. Universal Audio Golden Reverberator

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