EarthQuaker Devices releases its Hizumitas Fuzz Sustainer pedal collaboration with Boris guitarist Wata

The fuzz pedal fun continues! Following the release of the new Boss FZ-1W, EarthQuaker Devices has unveiled its Hizumitas Fuzz Sustainer; a collaboration with Wata, guitarist with Japanese experimental heavyweights Boris.

The Hizumitas Fuzz Sustainar is "a faithful recreation of guitarist Wata's go-to distortion pedal the Elk BM Sustainar"  – itself a Japanese variant of the Triangle Big Muff. But it turns out Wata's is quite a special pedal. 

Earthquaker Devices

(Image credit: EarthQuaker Devices)

EarthQuaker's R&D process involved several vintage Big Muff pedals and the company found they all varied. The only solution was to capture Wata's beloved Elk pedal that offered its own special combination of "heavy saturation with a gritty edge and massive bottom while maintaining a clear and dynamic tone with enough mids and top end to cut through any sludge."  

She agreed to send it halfway around the world from Japan to the US and the Hizumitas was built from that unique blueprint. 

Expect heavy distortion here, but also gritty and singing sustain for your leads. EarthQuaker highlight the clarity this fuzz/distortion offers, despite its wide range of saturation on tap.

The Sustain control is the key to the latter with a high degree of sensitivity that helps you dial in the sweet spots for a range of pickups. 

Earthquaker Devices

(Image credit: EarthQuaker Devices)

EarthQuaker also points out that the Tone control "can drastically change the character of the distortion in conjunction with the tone". Turn clockwise to boost bass, and treble anti-clockwise. As you turn it clockwise, mids are dialled back, highs are tamed and you unleash the power of the low end. 

The Hizumitas is available from 19 October for £159. More info at EarthQuaker Devices

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