Jim Dunlop Cry Baby GCB-95 review

It'll bring a tear to your eye

  • £82
  • €98
  • $79.99

MusicRadar Verdict

Some welcome tweaks for this classic wah.


  • +

    Improved battery access.


  • -

    Lacks an LED.

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You know the Cry Baby, it's the wah pedal that's graced a million pedal boards,
and when you picture a wah in your head, this is probably what you're thinking of.

But unlike older examples, in 2016 the Cry Baby GCB-95 is fitted with an easy-access battery door (so you don't have to remove its rubber feet to get to it) and, if you want to go with a PSU, the power jack is standardised.

Tonally, the Cry Baby is the same classic tone it's always been. It does get a little piercing at the top of its range, but for features and sound, it's like classic Coke. The only thing that's missing? We'd love an LED please!

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