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Big savings to be had on Ernie Ball Slinky and Earthwood guitar strings this Memorial Day

Group shot of multiple Ernie Ball guitar string packs
(Image credit: Ernie Ball)

It's not just the big-ticket items that get their prices slashed in the Memorial Day sales - it's possible to find chunky savings on smaller items you'll use all year round too, as with this ace Musician's Friend deal, offering up to 33% off Ernie Ball strings.

Musician's Friend has slashed the price on triple-packs across the Ernie Ball range, with Power Slinky, Nickel Hybrid Slinky, Mega Slinky, Turbo Slinky and many more sets reduced from their regular multi-pack price. There's a selection of Earthwood packs discounted for acoustic players, too. Check your preferred gauge and start saving now!

Here are those discounts in full:

Ok, so strings aren't a particularly glamorous purchase, but you'll be kicking yourself the next time you break a string and don't have any spares. Stock up today and you'll never be caught short, plus you'll have a few extra dollars in your back pocket to put towards some new guitar picks or a fresh guitar cable.

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