Learn Keith Richards-style guitar riffs with Mandy Rowden and Elixir® Strings

Elixir® Strings
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Can't get no satisfaction from your riffs? Let Mandy Rowden and Elixir® Strings start you up with this Keith Richards-style guitar lesson.

Mandy calls it 'The Keith' – a simple hammer-on technique that can give your chords an unmistakably bluesy Rolling Stones swagger. With this video lesson, guitar tutor, songwriter and Elixir® Strings artist Mandy shows you how to integrate The Keith into A chord shapes up and down the neck. 

Elixir strings give me the polished sound I love

Mandy Rowden

Mandy plays Elixir Electric Nickel Plated Steel Strings with OPTIWEB® Coating in Light gauge 10-46.

"Elixir strings give me the polished sound I love and a level, smooth playability I don't get anywhere else," says Mandy. "Plus the long shelf life allows for an ease of maintenance that I've come to depend on."


(Image credit: Elixir® Strings)

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