Welcome to Bass Expo 2014

BASS EXPO 2014: Welcome to our online show dedicated to bass guitarists. This two-day event is brought to you by MusicRadar, in association with Total Guitar, Guitarist, and Guitar Techniques.

What is an Expo?

Quite simply, an Expo is an exhibition. Instead of hosting one in a bricks and mortar building, we decided to host an online show that could reach as many of you as possible. That means you can preview lush bass gear, learn new playing skills using our free video lessons, and read interviews with your favourite bassists all from the comfort of your own home.

About Bass Expo 2014

A unique concept in the music-making industry, Bass Expo is now in its second year. The two-day show covers gear (product video demos), seminars (video lessons and playing advice) and artists (interviews and features). Let's break it down further so that you know what's happening and where...

Virtual booths and the Gear channel

When you go to a music-making exhibition, you have the chance to browse booths loaded with products. Well, it's the same deal at Bass Expo. And this year we are lucky enough to have partnered with a carefully chosen selection of clients to help you find your next bass purchase.

If you are looking for a new bass amp, Hartke should be your first stop. Shopping for a new bass guitar? Choose between the family run Cassidy, or established bass giant Cort. Just click on their respective names and you will be taken through to their booths.

Free video lessons from the Seminar channel

Like any great show, we want you to come away from ours with a bag of new tricks and techniques that improve your bass playing skills. That's why we've devised a brand new collection of bass guitar lessons.

Presented by tutor Matt Mead, our free lessons will help you master the key techniques used in jazz, funk, and pop, basic right hand techniques, plus you'll be shown some common slap bass tricks and much more.

Artist channel interviews and features

Especially for you, we have tracked down brand new interviews with the likes of John Myung (Dream Theater), Rex Brown (Pantera), and Frankie Poullain (The Darkness) among a host of others. We also quizzed a bunch of bassists to find out their choices for best bassist and best bass line ever, and have scoured YouTube to bring you 'best bass line' features with Tim Commerford (Rage Against The Machine), James Jamerson, and Flea (RHCP).

There will be lots more content going up tomorrow, so make sure you keep checking back to enjoy the wealth of bass goodness we have to offer.