Cort at Bass Expo 2014

BASS EXPO 2014: Since 1960, Cort has specialised in building high quality guitars and basses, distinguishing themselves in the industry by designing instruments that offer unparalleled performance and value. They are now one of the largest guitar and bass manufacturers in the world.

Cort works with a global family of distributors and together with good communication and feedback from the market, they are able to manufacture the finest, most innovative products possible. Cort's latest addition to the global family is PROEL International Ltd, a respected MI and Pro Audio distributor based in London.

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Cort Arona 4 bass guitar

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Cort GB5-Custom bass guitar

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Cort A6 bass guitar

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About Cort and PROEL cont...

Since taking their first delivery of stock in November, PROEL have been working hard to re-establish the brand in the UK and Ireland with their team of five field based area sales managers.

PROEL are proud to stock all 6 ranges of Cort Basses in the UK, these being the Gene Simmons Signature, Curbow Series (designed by legendary bass builder Greg Curbow), Arona Series, Artisan Series, GB Series & Action series.

PROEL's aim is to hold large stock and give excellent support and product knowledge to Cort dealers so that the dealers can then pass on the support, knowledge and back up that a Cort bass player deserves.

Whatever the genre of music, Cort has a bass to help deliver the sound you need at an affordable price.

For more information, visit the official Cort website or connect with them on Twitter and Facebook.