As plugin deals go, the saving on this Baby Audio Industry Pro Bundle is too good to miss

Baby Audio Industry Pro Bundle
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We get to test plenty of plugins here at MusicRadar and over the years, have a few favourite manufacturers that we'll always come back to time and time again. Each plugin developer is different but this particular writer has a soft spot for Baby Audio and some of the great plugins they've brought out.

Like most developers, Baby Audio has amassed enough plugins to create several bundle options, which are always the most cost-effective option. While the cheapest bundle might tempt you, the biggest savings are to be had with the top-tier package, the Industry Pro bundle.

Even at full price, it's good value but you can save over a Monkey* this Cyber Monday at Plugin Boutique with this mega offer.

Baby Audio Industry Pro Bundle: was £249, now £159

Baby Audio Industry Pro Bundle: was £249, now £159
This collection includes the latest Transit plugin, which has been developed in conjunction with Andrew Huang, while the rest of the package comes with TAIP, Super VHS, Crystalline and much more. The bundle also includes Baby Audio's first softsynth, the BA-1. At full price, the overall value for all 10 products comes to £659.98, so at just £159, you're saving a whopping £500.98. Even though it had already been discounted, this further reduction is crazy.

So what do you get in this Industry Pro Bundle we hear you ask? Check out the full list...

Baby Audio has a canny knack for creating plugins that are both powerful and quite simple at the same time. Take, for instance, Transit. This multi-FX plugin was developed with Andrew Haung and helps you create complex FX transitions in your mixes with the turn of a knob, simple yet effective.

One thing we love about Baby Audio's output is its approach to analogue effects emulations. Each plugin has tons of character but above all else is truly inspirational, not to mention super easy to use. Plugins such as TAIP and Super VHS perfectly encapsulate this.

While effects have been Baby Audio's bread and butter, BA-1 stands out from the crowd as the developer's first foray into instrument plugins. Following the same emulation ethos, some of you may recognise BA-1's muse, an underrated noisy classic, the Yamaha CS-01. We particularly like the Battery Life dial to help you further squeeze even more grit from this machine.

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* Monkey = cockney rhyming slang for £500.

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