The North American Guitar at Acoustic Expo 2014

ACOUSTIC EXPO 2014: The North American Guitar was founded by entrepreneur and keen blues guitarist Robert Montague, CBE, in 2010. Having experienced first-hand the pleasure of owning a bespoke instrument, Robert decided to start a new company to bring the work of the guitar builders of this new golden age to wider attention.

Their stunning London Guitar Showroom, based in Fulham, on the Munster Road, is home to some of the world's finest luthiers such as Michael Greenfield, Jason Kostal, Froggy Bottom, Lame Horse, Scott Walker, and many more.

A family business at heart, The North American Guitar is collectively run by Robert's son, singer-songwriter Ben Montague (BBC Radio 2), and Michael Watts, an award-winning fingerstyle guitarist and expert in the field of modern lutherie.

Here are three of the many beautiful guitar brands you will discover at The North American Guitar...

Greenfield Guitars

Explosive with a pick, rich and subtle for fingerstyle and unsurpassed when it comes to contemporary acoustic techniques, Greenfield Guitars represents the pinnacle of the steelstring luthier's art form. This stunning GF model, in Indian rosewood and sitka spruce, is a prime example:

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Kostal Guitars

Kostal Guitars have a characteristically orchestral sound with a full, warm bass response and rich trebles. Supremely expressive instruments, they boast an immediate response and wide dynamic range that makes them perfect for the modern fingerstylist.

In this following video, you will hear the highly desirable Kostal OM in action:

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Lame Horse

Father and son team Chris and Jeremy Jenkins of Lame Horse guitars build extremely cool guitars in their respective workshops in Texas, USA. Combining touches such as fully adjustable necks (for tweaking your action on the fly) with an early 1930s style, these guitars are packed with mojo.

The LH-14 'Sexy Sadie', crafted from figured sapele and engelmann spruce, offers tradtional looks with a modern response:

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For more information on The North American Guitar, or to arrange an appointment to visit please visit their official website or email or call 0207 835 5597. You can also connect with them via Twitter, Facebook and YouTube.