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ACOUSTIC EXPO 2014: Michael Greenfield is widely regarded as one of the finest acoustic guitar luthiers building today. Renowned for their rich, powerful voice, his instruments are used in concert halls and studios the world over by many leading players including Keith Richards, Andy McKee, and Tony McManus.

Michael builds his guitars one at a time in a state of the art workshop in Montreal, QC, from the finest tone woods available including macassar ebony, ziricote, cocobolo, amazon rosewood and koa for the back and sides, and moon-harvested alpine spruce for the soundboards. Fit and finish are second to none, with each guitar individually voiced to ensure the most musical and versatile tonal spectrum possible.

Michael is acknowledged as an authority on fan frets and his guitars are available in several different multi-scale designs. He also pushes the boundaries with his ergonomic approach to the guitar incorporating bevels for the forearm, ribs and palm of the player.

Playing a Greenfield for the first time is an eye-opening experience. These are incredibly responsive instruments with a huge useable dynamic range. The immediate attack of each initial note retains its clarity and power as a wave of beautiful sustained sub and overtones rises up seemingly out of nowhere. The trebles are fat and rich, and even past the body joint the guitar's voice retains its power.

Explosive with a pick, rich and subtle for fingerstyle and unsurpassed when it comes to contemporary acoustic techniques, Greenfield Guitars represent the pinnacle of the steelstring luthier's art form. This stunning GF model, in Indian rosewood and sitka spruce, is a prime example:

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