Kostal Guitars

ACOUSTIC EXPO 2014: Jason Kostal's rise to the upper echelons of the world lutherie scene has come through years of experience as a player, collector and, latterly, as a builder of some of the finest guitars available today.

Following a four-year period as an instructor with the prestigious Roberto-Venn school of luthery, Jason was chosen for an extended apprenticeship with one of the founding fathers of the modern steel string guitar, Ervin Somogyi.

Since setting up on his own, Jason has established a profile as a world class steel string guitar luthier.

Kostal guitars have a characteristically orchestral sound with a full, warm bass response and rich trebles. Supremely expressive instruments, they boast immediate response and wide dynamic range that makes them perfect for the modern fingerstylist.

Jason offers four designs: an OO, an OM, a modified dreadnought and a jumbo. In this video, you will see and hear the Kostal OM in action:

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Kostal Guitars are represented exclusively in Europe by The North American Guitar.

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