Learn Ableton Live: music production tips and tutorials

Style and genre tips in Ableton Live: house, techno, trap, hip-hop, DnB and EDM

Whether you make house, techno, drum ‘n’ bass or anything else, Ableton Live has plenty of features that will ease the production process.

Here are some genre-focused tutorials that will show you what Live is capable of - if you’ve got the ideas, we can show you the techniques.

How to recreate DJ Premier's sample slicing and sequencing style
Learn to create golden era hip-hop riffs by triggering slices from samples from your MIDI controller. 

How to create a minimal noughties-style hip-hop beat
Build a synthetic drum groove in the style of The Neptunes and Timbaland with our step-by-step guide

Here's how we made a complete house track in less than an hour
Try the timeboxing technique and come up with your own super-fast song.

How to add rhythmic texture and atmosphere to a techno track in Live
See how it's done in Ableton Live.

How to stack synths for a hands-in-the-air EDM chord sequence in Live
Using layering to add power to your synth parts.

Randomising trap hi-hats in Ableton Live's Impulse
Get a randomised effect using Live's inbuilt Impulse feature.

10 tricks every trap producer should know
Create this heavyweight genre's complex beats, synths and signature edits, all using free plugins

How to make a MIDI picture in your piano roll editor
Turn your pixel art into something musical.

How to make a drum 'n' bass track in Ableton Live
Joe from Chromatic creates an exclusive tune.


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