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Learn Ableton Live: music production tips and tutorials

Synthesis, sampling and sound design in Ableton Live

Once you’ve grasped the basics of working in Live, the chances are that you’ll want to learn how to distinguish your productions from everyone else’s by creating sounds that are uniquely yours.

This is where Live’s synthesis, sampling and sound design options can come in handy: why stick to presets when you’ve got such powerful tools at your disposal? 

How to create a generative, evolving ambient drone in Ableton Live
Unleash your inner Eno.

How to create sci-fi effects in Sampler
Creative sampler looping and pitch manipulation techniques offer plenty of scope for out-of-this-world sound design.

How to make a smooth, sweeping pad with Ableton Simpler and Auto Filter
Bring two of Live's niftiest devices together and great things happen…

How to resample hardware synths with Live's Simpler and Sampler
Here's one way to combine sampled outboard synthesizers with creative in-the-box techniques

How to make noise-based hi-hats in Ableton Live
The key to analogue-style hi-hats is noise, and plenty of it.  

How to make a punchy bass with Ableton Simpler’s filter modes
Live's sampler gives plenty of options for powering up those b-lines.

How to chop beats with Ableton Simpler's Slice mode
Live's sampler functionality makes dicing loops a snap

How to tune a loop using pitchshifting
Get your sounds working together with this quick tutorial