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Learn Ableton Live: music production tips and tutorials

Creative vocal tricks in Ableton Live

Singing might not be your strong point, but at some point on your production journey, the chances are that you’ll want to add some vocals to a track.

Live has plenty of tools that will help you in this regard; whether it’s sorting out timing problems or coming up with ear-catching effects, you can do it in Ableton’s DAW. Here’s how.

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How to create DIY acapellas in Ableton Live
If you have both a vocal and instrumental version of a track, a little phase cancellation can go a long way.

How to produce quick-fire, cut-up vocal edits
Learn to create rapid sampled vocals in Ableton Live.

How to create pitchshifted vocal effects in Ableton Live
Learn how to use Live's in-built pitchshifting features.

How to turn a vocal recording into MIDI
 Got a melody in your head but don't know how to transcribe it as MIDI note data? Ableton Live might be able to do it for you…

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Make your voice sound larger than life with our guide to gratis cinematic dialogue treatments