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Learn Ableton Live: music production tips and tutorials

Improve your Ableton Live workflow

Everyone has their own method when it comes to making music, but time is of the essence for most people, so it makes sense to work as efficiently as you can.

If you want to be a smart Live user, here are some things to try.

How to create a track using on-the-fly rendering
You don't need to own outboard gear to reap the benefits of a hands-on approach when composing.

10 ways to get more out of velocity
You can do much more with this most humble of MIDI messages than you probably realise. Allow us to fill you in…

How using a text file can unlock secret features in Ableton Live
Let's look at an interesting hack that can be used to activate extra hidden features within Live.

How to load Korg Gadget projects into Ableton Live
With its broad range of fun virtual instruments, Gadget is a great 'sketchpad' for Live users.