Computer Music Vault - Downloads FAQ

Wherever you see this icon in the magazine, there's content to be downloaded!
Wherever you see this icon in the magazine, there's content to be downloaded!

Computer Music magazine now comes with downloadable digital content. It's a dead easy system to use, but if you've not used it yet, read on for Vault 101!

Which issues can I download the digital content for?
All issues from Computer Music 182 onwards have downloadable digital content: software, samples, video and more. Check out more of our back issues here.

How do I add one-off special issues to my Vault account?
These issues are listed as low numbers in the Computer Music Vault issue selector:
- Ableton Live: The Ultimate Guide 2015 (laptop on cover): issue 34
- Ableton Live: The Ultimate Guide (boxes on the cover): issue 17
- Effects: The Ultimate Guide: issue 16
- Mixing: The Ultimate Guide: issue 20

How do I know when something in the mag has some downloadable content?
You'll see the blue "DOWNLOAD" box, like the one shown in the picture above.

How do I download the digital content?
Grab your copy of CM (print or digital), go to, sign up and follow the instructions to register your magazines. Then just click to download the content you want. It's really easy! For even more detailed instructions, check out our dedicated Vault walkthrough.

Can I download the content on my iPad/iPhone/tablet device?
No, you need to do it on your desktop computer. The downloadable Zip files are of no real use to your mobile device, so it wouldn't work anyway.

I read the print edition that comes with a DVD. Can I download the content too?
Yes! Register your issue at and download away.

How long can I access the content for and how many download "attempts" do I get?
There is no expiry time and no restriction on number of downloads. You can log in whenever you like and download more content. And re-download it whenever you need to!

Can I back up my downloads?
Sure, so long as it's a personal backup for you only. Just back them up as you would any normal data, to an external hard drive, optical media, or whatever.

Do the downloads include Computer Music's free software?
Yes! It's all in there, including our famous CM Plugins software suite, containing over 30 instrument and effects plugins for PC and Mac.

Can I download the free sample packs too?
Yep! The samples are waiting for you right now at

Are tutorial files downloadable?
Of course - you get the lot in a single download!

How about tutorial videos?
You can download all of the tutorial videos that accompany our step-by-step walkthroughs.

And in the Newsstand edition for iOS, you can watch the vids right inside the app - just tap the "play video" icon wherever you see it in the mag!

What about Producer Masterclass videos?
These aren't currently available to download via Vault due to licensing issues - we're working on a solution to this.

You can, of course, watch the built-in streaming version of Producer Masterclass inside our Newsstand/iOS app.

Producer Masterclass is currently unavailable with other digital formats (eg, Zinio, Google Play, Amazon Newsstand, etc), unfortunately.

Do I need to be connected to the internet to watch the videos in the Newsstand edition?
Yes - we use internet streaming to deliver these, as we don't want to fill up your iDevice with masses of video every month!

Will there be downloads for Computer Music Specials too?
Yes, all issues from CM Special 60 onwards have digital downloads.

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