Computer Music get hands-on with zplane's élastiqueAAX plugin


German developers zplane are the undisputed leaders in time-stretching and pitch-shifting technology, supplying their algorithms to the best DAWs in the business.

Now, their revolutionary élastique 3 technology is coming to Pro Tools! Giving you industry-standard control over the very fabric of your audio’s pitch and time, élastiqueAAX is a real-time effects plugin that can manipulate time and pitch independently, while keeping the program material’s transients and timbre as natural as they were before.


  • AAX 32- or 64-bit Audio Suite offline plugin
  • Time-stretch by between 25% and 400%
  • Pitch-shift by up to two octaves, or 25% to 400%
  • Instantiate the plugin on up to eight channels
  • Preview processing in the plugin then render offline
  • Source and Target BPM entry for instant results
  • Switch between BPM and FPS for video work
  • Preserve formants for natural pitch shifting
  • Compatible with sample rates from 32 to 192kHz


  • Mac OS 10.7+, Windows 7+
  • Pro Tools 10 or later

élastiqueAAX is available for €399 from the zplane website.

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