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Tim Bolstad Dingsaller review

An iOS-based 'workstation for creating algorithmic compositions'

  • £2.99

Our Verdict

Dingsaller is a humdinger!


  • Enough tools to create some interesting sounds. Core MIDI supported. Fun to play with in a live setting.


  • Few for the price.

Billed as "a workspace for creating algorithmic compositions", Dingsaller resembles Bidule or Audiomulch, with modules that can be patched together as you like.

There's a sampler with loop points, while the two synths feature multiple waveforms and, on the DualWave model, an LFO. Sound shapers include Resonant Filter, Chorus and Multitap Delay. Control devices such as an XY Pad, Slide, MIDI Control I/O and Tilt are here, too.

There's a master clock that drives the pattern-based sequencer modules. In addition to the Random Note Generator, you can also use the basic Pattern Sequencer to roll your own sequences.

Note Filter, Pitch Shift, Doubler, Flip-Flop and MIDI Note In and Out are included to help you manipulate the patterns. Core MIDI is supported, so you can use an interface plugged into the dock or go wireless.

There's just enough here to create interesting and engaging sounds and sequences that can be manipulated in real-time. Live noodlers will love it, and modular synth fans will want to give it a look as well.