You don’t have long to bag $500 of recording software completely free, courtesy of Line 6

You don’t have long to bag $500 of recording software completely free courtesy of Line 6
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It’s fair to say that the Line 6 Helix has revolutionised not only how many guitar players play live but also how they record at home - and with this latest offer from the multi-effects titan, your home studio may be in for a serious upgrade. If you cast your mind back to September last year, you may remember us covering this mega-deal - if not, allow us to refresh your memory. Line 6 is offering you a chance to get a hold of Cubase Elements and the Helix Native plugin completely free of charge when you purchase a Helix hardware processor

Yes, that’s right, you can bag yourself a substantial studio upgrade for free when you purchase a Helix Floor, Helix LT, Helix Rack, or Helix Control - that’s $499.98 worth of free studio software, as well as an industry-leading multi-effects unit. So how do you claim your free stuff? Well, it couldn’t be easier. All you have to do is register your new Helix product at the Line 6 website and upload a copy of your receipt. Then your Cubase Elements and Helix Native licenses will be deposited into your Line 6 account - simple as that! 

Even though this promotion has been running since 14 September last year, you actually have until 28 February to score your free software. Now with that end date fast approaching - I mean, how can it be February already?! - you don’t have long to take advantage of this superb offer. Obviously, if you have purchased a qualifying Helix product since 14 September, you can still claim your software, so head to the Line 6 site and fill in your details. 

So if this sounds like a promotion you simply can’t pass up, then check out the best deals we could find on Helix products from authorised Line 6 dealers below - just remember to hang on to your proof of purchase.

What is Cubase Elements and Helix Native?

For those who aren’t familiar, Cubase Elements is one of the most widely used DAWs (Digital Audio Workstation) on the market. Now, while it may be a more accessible version of Cubase - when compared to Cubase Pro - it still offers a massive range of audio editing features as well as a wealth of virtual instruments and effects. 

Helix Native manages to bring the power of the world-renowned Helix multi-effects pedal to your home studio set up. This extremely powerful plugin allows you to access the sounds you know and love from your floor unit and apply them to your latest recording project. Check out the Line 6 overview video below to see how to use Helix Native. 

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