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NAMM 2012: New Roland FR-1x compact V-Accordions

The FR-1x is available in red and black.
The FR-1x is available in red and black.

NAMM 2012 PRESS RELEASE: Roland Corporation is pleased to announce the newest members of the V-Accordion family, the compact FR-1x.

Beginners, professionals and accordionists of all ages can now enjoy the compact V-Accordion with practically limitless expressions and full compatibility with the whole V-Accordion line. These new models offer user-friendly LED displays, an MP3/WAV player, USB ports and a generous collection of accordion sets and orchestral sounds.

The FR-1x offers a new professional look and feel for players of all styles and levels, with a compact, lightweight size ideal for the strolling musician. Features include a USB memory port, a USB-MIDI port, greater sensitivity and precision, plus advanced bellows pressure sensor circuitry. Thanks to the new onboard amplification system, the FR-1x is perfect for small venues and restaurants as it sets a powerful new standard at a great price.

Features include:

Onboard speakers

Seven-segment, three-character LED display

USB memory port for WAV/MP3 files, uploading new sound expansions, and user program loading/saving

Standard and Free Bass mode

Sixteen accordion sets, 16 orchestral sounds, four virtual tone wheel pre-sets and eight user programs

Lightweight body

PA/Wireless friendly design

Available colours: Black or Red

Battery-operated - 8 AA Type Ni-MH

The FR-1x will be available in April 2012.

Information taken from official press release, for more visit Roland.

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