NAMM 2010: Eigenharp Tau revealed by Eigenlabs

Eigenharp Tau: debuting at NAMM.
Eigenharp Tau: debuting at NAMM.

We knew that Eigenlabs was planning to add a third Eigenharp to its range at NAMM, and now we know that it's called the Eigenharp Tau.

A mid-range instrument that sits between the high-end Alpha and entry-level Pico, our suspicion is that this could well turn out to be the most popular of the Eigenharps. We don't yet know how much it's going to cost, but Eigenlabs has posted the following specs on Facebook:

Key Performance Features

• 72 highly expressive keys on the main keyboard.
• 8 Mode Switches
• Each key uses a unique sensor technology detecting movement in all directions to
within a micron - the wavelength of light, the width of a living cell.
• 12 additional larger keys, just as sensitive but designed to be hit harder, suitable for
• One strip controller, often used for pitch, effects or filter control.
• A breath pipe for playing wind instrument models, or to add emphasis to notes, effects
or filters.
• Powerful headphone output for monitoring, live auditioning and rehearsal.
• Plays an unlimited range of sounds.
• Supports a wide variety of software instruments including its own native instruments,
Soundfonts, samples, AU's, Apple Loops and midi instruments.
• Stage portable - the performer can move freely while playing, within a 24m radius of
the base station.
• Can be played seated using a floor spike, or standing using a strap.
• Comes complete with a soft case.
• Comes in an anodised black or silver finish.

Key Software features

• Instantaneous scale and key switching as you play.
• Over 80 scales in the system.
• Instrument switching and multi-instrument layering.
• Complex live arrangements can be created with the step sequencer.
• Drum loop playback with timestretching in sync with live tempo changes.
• Polyphonic - play chords, multiple notes & many loops all at the same time.
• Tap tempo to sync the Eigenharp's tempo with other musicians.
• Live recording and loop playback of played phrases.
• Easy to get started on, but will also reward years of practice.
• Mac compatible software.

Coming soon

• CV/gate interface for control of vintage synthesisers.
• Windows software support.

Eigenharp tau

Eigenharp tau
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