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Musikmesse 2011: Alesis introduces MultiMix 6 Cue

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Alesis MultiMix 6 Cue

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Alesis MultiMix 6 Cue

Musikmesse 2011 Press Release: Alesis, a leading manufacturer of professional audio electronics and musical instruments, announces the MultiMix 6 Cue, a six-channel headphone amplifier and mixer.

The MultiMix 6 Cue is a six-channel headphone amplifier with six independent high-power amps that provide maximum audio quality even at low levels.

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With the MultiMix 6 Cue, users can create up to six different mixes for up to 18 sets of headphones or monitors for clear, powerful, precise listening. The MultiMix 6 Cue contains six individual power amplifiers, which drive each channel's connected headphones.

Each channel features a four-LED output meter so that users can view levels quickly in under any lighting scenario. Users can run each channel in Stereo or Mono modes. In Mono mode, Left and Right Mute switches enable users to create additional mixes.

A 1/4-inch Aux input on each channel enables users to mix in any instrument or sound source, such as a click or loop software. There's also a Direct In on the main section, which enables users to mix an additional source with all channels.

The MultiMix 6 Cue front panel provides a 1/4-inch headphone jack per channel, each with level and balance controls. Its main section provides a detailed, eight-segment LED meter and a master level knob.

On the rear panel are two additional 1/4-inch outputs per channel, creating a total of up to 18 pairs of headphones listening to six separate mixes at once. The rear panel also features stereo inputs and outputs so users can connect multiple MultiMix 6 Cue units for even greater listening capacity.

"Perfect for the rehearsal room and onstage, especially with in-ear monitors, the MultiMix 6 Cue is a reliable, clean, and flexible power tool," said Dan Radin, Product Manager, Alesis.

The MultiMix 6 Cue will be available from musical instrument and professional audio retailers in Q3 2011.

Information taken from official press release, for more visit Alesis

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