Summer NAMM 2019: All-koa Grand Auditorium Builder’s Edition heads up Taylor line-up

Taylor K245ce acoustic guitar
(Image credit: Taylor)

SUMMER NAMM 2019: Taylor, renowned acoustic guitar maker, has unveiled the latest addition to its premium Builder's Edition line, featuring the well-received V-class internal bracing system. It's also continuing to roll V-class out across its range, and is debuting the latest results in Nashville.

Builder’s Edition K24ce

Taylor K245ce acoustic guitar

(Image credit: Taylor)

Following the success of its original Builder’s Edition Grand Auditorium K14ce, the Builder’s Edition K24ce sees Taylor turn its attention back to its koa series. As a result that Kona Burst top, in the firm's proprietary Silent Satin finish, should not only look the business, but give the guitar a slightly darker voicing than its spruce-top equivalents.

As mentioned, V-bracing is once again featured for improved volume, sustain and intonation, and Taylor say the guitar should shine in amplified settings or in front of a mic.

Other flagged-up features include chamfered body edges, a beveled armrest, double-carved cutaway with a compound curve flowing into the neck heel and the contoured Curve Wing bridge that debuted on the Grand Pacific Builder’s Edition models earlier this year.

The Builder’s Edition K24ce will be available starting at a street price of $5,299.

Taylor K245ce acoustic guitar

(Image credit: Taylor)

New V-class Grand Concert and 12-string models

Taylor WS 912ce 712e 612ce

(Image credit: Taylor)

Taylor are also showing off several newly V-classed models, with steel-string Grand Concert guitars from the 400, 600, 700, 900, Koa and Presentation Series, plus four 12-strings from the 300 and 500 Series getting the treatment.

“I feel like I finally get to play a 12-string that’s in tune,” ​says Powers.

Starting with the Grand Concerts (above), there are a variety of tonewoods on offer. Two rosewood guitars - the 412ce-R (Sitka spruce top) and the 712e 12-Fret (Lutz spruce top) - are joined by the 612ce in Maple.

Meanwhile, in 12-string land (below), Taylor claims that V-class bracing really comes into its own, revealing the four 300 and 500 series models' "tonal virtues in a remarkable new way."

Master guitar designer Andy Powers, who originally developed the system for 6-string says, “You’re taking a string and adding another next to it that has the same musical note but is expected to double up a perfect octave overtone of the first note

“That’s tricky because you want a mathematically perfect octave harmonic of this lower fundamental note, but since it is a second independent string, it will generate its own harmonic series.”

"But the V-structure creates so much stability parallel to the strings, a string isn’t nearly as able to alter the pitch on the small octave string next to it.

“I feel like I finally get to play a 12-string that’s in tune,” says Powers.

For more information about the new models and the entire Taylor lineup, head over to

Taylor 12-strings

(Image credit: Taylor)

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