Give Splice one of your own loops and it will now use AI to find a compatible stack of sounds to go with it

New Feature in Splice Create: Upload Your Own Sound - YouTube New Feature in Splice Create: Upload Your Own Sound - YouTube
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For a while now, Splice’s Create feature has been capable of picking a stack of compatible loops based on one of your choosing, but only from the company’s own catalogue of sounds. That changes from today, as you can now use your own loop as the sonic starting point.

Drag in a loop that you’ve been working on from your DAW (or anywhere else, for that matter) and Splice Create will quickly analyse its properties and use its AI powers to pull in a bunch of compatible sounds. The loops themselves are created by humans, of course - all the AI is doing is selecting ones that fit with what you’ve already got.

If you’re happy with what you’re presented with, you can export the stems to take back into your DAW so that you can develop the track further. If not, you can either swap out individual loops or add more on top until you’re satisfied.

“Splice AI delivers human-made sounds that are compatible with the creator's original idea, which remains at the centre of the creative process,” said Kakul Srivastava, CEO of Splice. “With this tool creators can start with their own sound, select a genre, and Splice's AI will surface sounds that fit perfectly in seconds. This sets the stage for the next generation of technology advances at Splice, putting powerful tools directly into our users' existing workflow.”

The new feature is being launched in partnership with Zaytoven, whose credits include productions with Usher, Gucci Mane, Future, Jack Harlow and The Weeknd. “It opened my mind up," he says. "It helps me spark ideas. I make so many beats. A lot of times I can make them start sounding alike because I make so many beats. This helps to expand and think outside of what I would've done normally."

The ‘Create with your own loop’ feature is available now to Splice subscribers.

Splice Create From Own Loop

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