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Save up to $160 on these three gorgeous Fender Player Stratocasters at Guitar Center

Save up to $160 on these three gorgeous Fender Player Stratocasters at Guitar Center
(Image credit: Fender)

Ask someone to think of an electric guitar, and nine times out of ten, they'll be thinking of a Fender Stratocaster. The Stratocaster is Fender's most iconic design, having set the benchmark for many other guitar manufacturers in the late '50s - and it still hits the spot just as well today. Luckily for you, being part of the Strat-players' club is easier and cheaper than you'd think - with Guitar Center dishing out Fender Limited Edition Player Stratocasters for only $699 as part of their Guitar-A-Thon sale.

Guitar Center's Guitar-A-Thon sale covers a wide range of electric guitars, guitar amps, acoustic guitars and other accessories, and some of the savings in store are frankly wild. For those who aren't Fender fans, there are deals on Gibson and Epiphone acoustics and electrics. For those who need an amp or a distortion pedal, there are big savings to be had there too. 

Now, these aren't technically Black Friday guitar deals - but with Player Strat deals often making an appearance on the big day, we're hoping to see some even bigger savings then.

Fender Player Strat Maple Fingerboard Ltd Ed: $799

Fender Player Strat Maple Fingerboard Ltd Ed: $799, $699
Get those Comfortably Numb vibes here for an absolute steal thanks to Guitar Center. Channel your inner Gilmour , thanks to the three Player series single coils, which provide the iconic clarity and punch that makes the Strat so beloved. Not to mention the looks, which speak for themselves. Shine on you crazy bargain!

Fender Player Strat HSS Maple Fingerboard: $829

Fender Player Strat HSS Maple Fingerboard: $829, now $699
This humbucker-equipped equivalent will have you covered if the 'Gilmour' Strat isn't to your taste. The Player series humbucker in the bridge position is a welcomed addition, with the neck and middle pickups are the standard Player series single-coils - delivering both classic and modern Strat tones.

Fender Player Strat HSS Plus Top: $859

Fender Player Strat HSS Plus Top: $859, now $699
This HSS-configured Plus Top Player Strat in Blue Burst may just be the one for you if those previous options are a bit too plain for you. A regular Player Strat at heart, this guitar is capable of just that little bit more than most Strats thanks to the Player Series humbucker in the bridge. With $160 off until October 27th, you can save big at Guitar Center.

Keep your eyes on our Guitar Center Black Friday deals page for more offers from the instrument giant. We've got the latest early deals and news on our Black Friday music deals page too. 

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