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Save on Roland's superb TD-1DMK e-kit with this double kick and sticks bundle

Best beginner electronic drum sets: Roland TD-1DMK
(Image credit: Roland)

Roland's TD-1DMK is one of the best beginner electronic drum kits you can buy, so if you're in the market right now, you should definitely take a look at this tempting deal from Sweetwater, complete with bundled PDP 402 double-kick pedal and Vic Firth 5A sticks. 

The bass drum pad is specifically designed to accommodate a double-kick, so the bundle makes sense, even before you consider the kit's 'tunable' all-mesh pads, for a realistic feel you definitely won't find on every entry-level kit, where harder rubber tom pads are often deployed. 

And while some competitors offer more than the 15 kits onboard here, we found them to be varied and of high quality when we subjected the Roland TD-1DMK to a full MusicRadar review.

This is just one of the many great deals that are beginning to emerge as we barrel towards Amazon Prime Day, so be sure to stay tuned and look out for the best Prime Day music deals on MusicRadar.

(Image credit: PDP)