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Promuco announces John Bonham signature drumstick bag

(Image credit: Barnes and Mullins)

After launching its John Bonham Signature sticks at this year’s NAMM Show, Promuco has unveiled its new John Bonham drumstick bag.

Designed to hold eight pairs of drumsticks, the John Bonham drumstick bag features two internal compartments and is made from woven nylon, measuring 450mm long by 93mm wide.  

As well as the internal pockets, it comes equipped with a grab handle, strap and two metal clasps for hanging/holding the bag open from your floor tom while you play. The John Bonham drumstick bag also features Bonzo’s famous ‘three-ring’ (Boromean ring) symbol, as well as Union Flag zip pulls. It is set to retail at £15.95

Promuco was John Bonham’s stick brand of choice, referring to them as his ‘trees’ since he first started using them in the early '70s. Promuco ceased trading in the early noughties, but has since been revived by its original distributor, Barnes and Mullins. All John Bonham signature products are designed and made in close collaboration with Led Zeppelin, the John Bonham estate and licence holders.