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NAMM 2020: John Bonham signature drumsticks debuting at Winter NAMM

John Bonham sticks
(Image credit: Barnes & Mullins)

NAMM 2020: In 1964, a then little-known company in Yorkshire, England began producing drumsticks. 

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John Bonham

(Image credit: Dick Barnatt / Getty)

John Bonham, the quintessential rock god

The Professional Music Company, latterly known as Promuco, initially struggled to break the lucrative US market, until a certain Buddy Rich adopted their sticks. 

John Bonham was one of the many drummers who then took up Promuco sticks, and quickly had his own specification commissioned. 

Original Bonham Promuco sticks are still highly sought after, and now you'll be able to get your hands on faithful reproductions of what Bonzo allegedly referred to as his "trees".

Initially available from February in the UK thanks to Barnes & Mullins, and then globally through 2020, the sticks will officially debut at NAMM 2020 on 16 January. They're premium hickory sticks made to that exact original specification, down to the legendary ‘acorn’ tip and feature Bonzo's signature logo. 

You can learn more at the Promuco site here.

John Bonham sticks

(Image credit: Barnes & Mullins)