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Vater announces Elise Trouw signature drum sticks

You might well be familiar with Elise Trouw thanks to her creative YouTube mash-ups which include live looping, sonic experimentations and even a collaborative reimagining of Metallica’s Enter Sandman alongside Travis Barker. Now, the drummer/multi-instrumentalist has teamed-up with Vater to release her own signature drum sticks.

Using a 7A grip as its starting point, the Vater Elise Trouw model is made from hickory and features a 16” length, rounded wood tip and custom pink finish as well as Elise Trouw’s logo. Vater reckons the sticks are “suitable across the full range of drumming experience from young beginners to advanced players alike”

Trouw says of the sticks, “I wanted to make a pair of stick that the nine-year-old in me would love. Working with Vater, we have made sticks that are also perfect for me today.” 

The Vater Elise Trouw signature sticks are available now from your preferred Vater dealer.