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Save $100 on the beginner-friendly Korg i3 Workstation for a limited time ahead of Christmas

Korg i3 Workstation
(Image credit: Korg)

There’s a lot to be said for having all the tools you need to create full songs, all in one package. The Korg i3 workstation keyboard provides exactly that. From those initial creative sparks, through to polished radio-ready masterpieces, the Korg i3 will see you through the entire journey of creating your music, whether you’re a complete beginner or a seasoned pro. And with $100 off the list price at Sweetwater ahead of Christmas, it’s the perfect time to snap one up.

Combining 61 full size keys, nearly 800 individual sounds, 59 drum kits and a selection of high quality effects and processors, the Korg i3 provides the platform for endless creativity. Add to this onboard sequencers and real-time recording and you have a fully-featured performance and production workhorse.

While many producers and performers gravitate towards computers nowadays to record their work, there is still a place for the trusty workstation keyboard in the modern world. The Korg i3 is a great example of why that is, packing in everything you could need to produce and perform music, taking in every step from the first idea to the final export. 

With 790 sounds built-in, ranging from classic grand pianos and organs through to more adventurous synths and sound fx, you’ll definitely find something here to spark your ideas. We particularly liked the onboard 16-step sequencer, which allows you to quickly and easily programme beats and breaks to play over the top of. With your basic ideas recorded onto the i3, you can add effects like reverbs, delays and compression to add that extra sparkle on top. 

The Korg i3 also plays nicely with external gear thanks to comprehensive MIDI and USB connectivity, so it will work brilliantly as the centre of a busy studio setup, but it can also be battery operated for those times when you need to take the music outside. All told, the Korg i3 is a superb workstation keyboard with a lot to offer.