Save 15% on any 1-year subscription to Pro Tools, Sibelius and more

Save 15% on any 1-year subscription to Pro Tools, Sibelius and more
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As we all know, Avid is famous for producing killer software aimed at musicians and creatives. Programs like Sibelius and Pro Tools have become industry standards and Avid’s products feature in countless studios, music schools and live music venues around the world. Now’s a good time for Avid to feature in your studio too, with 15% off any 1-year software or service subscription this holiday season.

Avid software and services: 15% off any 1-year subscription

Avid software and services: <a href="" data-link-merchant=""" target="_blank" rel="nofollow">15% off any 1-year subscription
You can have access to any of Avid’s brilliant software and services for a whole year, with 15% off this December. Use the holiday period to get to grips with Pro Tools and Sibelius, or get your music online with AvidPlay. This offer is valid only until Dec 31st, so we’d recommend acting sooner rather than later. 

Annual subscriptions are a great way to cut down the costs of your music making, leaving more cash spare for electric guitars, electronic drum sets or anything else that takes your fancy. Avid does offer monthly and lifetime licenses too, but with this discount you’ll be saving big in the long run - so it’s something that’s definitely worth taking a closer look at.

While Avid is best known for its music software, there are rich pickings elsewhere in the store too with Avid’s graphics and video editing software. Now could be your chance to try something new, and save some money at the same time. Avid also offers a range of live and studio mixers and audio interfaces for all you music makers. They aren’t part of this latest deal however, but they’re well worth a look.

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