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Novation's Circuit Rhythm is now only $299 at Amazon - that's $100 off for Black Friday

circuit rhythm
(Image credit: Novation)

If you're looking for a powerful and versatile sampler that can be picked up for just a few hundred dollars, Novation's Circuit Rhythm is the way to go. Right now this quality piece of hardware has been discounted by over 25% at Amazon as part of their Black Friday sales event, meaning you can pick it up for the unbelievable price of just $299 - $100 off the RRP. One of the best Black Friday music deals going this weekend, this one shouldn't be missed. 

The Circuit Rhythm's a solid choice for anyone on the hunt for a decent sampler that will motivate them to break free of their DAW and start making music out of the box.  The Rhythm allows you to record samples from your phone, turntable or synth directly to the hardware, slicing, sculpting and resampling your sounds all without touching a keyboard and mouse. 

You can capture patterns across eight separate sample tracks, using quantisation to tighten up your grooves or going off-grid for a looser feel, before using innovative probability and pattern mutation controls to bring variation and originality to your beats. There's also sophisticated FX capabilities on board, pushing your performance to the next level with vinyl simulation, beat repeat and more.


Novation Circuit Rhythm: was $399, now $299

Novation Circuit Rhythm: was $399, now $299

Novation's Circuit Rhythm is an impressively capable sampler that'll reinvigorate your workflow without breaking the bank. This standalone machine can handle up to eight tracks of 32-step patterns, with a host of performance-focused Grid FX for on-the-fly sonic manipulation. With a built-in battery and comprehensive connectivity, we can't believe this one's going for $299.

The Circuit Rhythm is creatively powerful and offers some relatively professional features, but manages to remain fun and accessible too. Easy to integrate into your studio setup, it can be hooked up with your favourite hardware and software via full-size MIDI DIN, sync out and audio in. There's also the option to link up with Novation Components, the browser-based companion to Circuit that allows you to access new sound packs, manage sound content, and customise your device. 

Head on over to Amazon to save $100 and grab a Circuit Rhythm for $299.