NAMM 2020: Revv unveils the G20 high gain lunchbox amp

NAMM 2020: Revv released the world’s first Two Notes Torpedo-equipped guitar amp last year with the D20, now it's that technology to evolve the tube amp line.

The huge advantage of the D20 for recording was the ability to get great, organic high gain tones direct without a cab in sight – or going direct in a live environment. Now it comes in a much more home-friendly package that's also ideal for mobility on the road.

The D20 features Revv’s high-gain tube-driven purple channel, offering three Aggression levels and a wide switch to shape your tone as Ola Englund demonstrates in the video above. 

(Image credit: Revv Amps)

The G20 also offers MIDI control over channel switching, voices and the Two notes settings, or players can use an optional preset footswitch.

With Two Notes' acclaimed Torpedo modelling, the G20 offers onboard  virtual cabinets, virtual mics, speakers, EQ, and reverb on-board for direct recording, playing with headphones and live performance direct to a front of house PA mix.  

(Image credit: Revv Amps)

This flexibility with Torpedo is enhanced by the Revv G20's reactive load direct mode; the Pre/Post switch selects whether the power amp is in the signal chain. 

This means Two notes’ power amp simulations can be used to dramatically change the character of the D20 with virtual tubes, such as EL84s, for even more tonal variation. Especially useful for mixing things up in your recordings. 

The Canadian-made G20 will be available in February 2020 priced at £1129 / $1,299 /€1299. For more info visit  

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