Musikmesse 2018: Drum Workstation G9, from GEWA, showcased in Frankfurt

MUSIKMESSE 2018: GEWA has showcased its G9 Drum Workstation in Frankfurt. 

The set-up is the result of a collaboration between GEWA, who developed the module, e-cymbals, pads, and software, and carious other technology and drum companies, including Remo and DW, who will market the G9 in the US.

The Drum Workstation G9 will be available globally this Autumn, but as yet we don't have a confirmed price.

GEWA PRESS RELEASE: On Wednesday evening, GEWA music presented the GEWA Drum Workstation G9 as part of the Musikmesse 2018. GEWA music has worked on the project in close co-operation with their long-term partner Drum Workshop over recent years. GEWA music was primarily responsible for developing the module (known as “Drum Workstation G9”), the E-cymbals, the electronic pads and the software development. 

Other companies involved are the French chip manufacturer Dream, and the Ger- man company TechniSat, who are located in Dresden and Schoeneck, Vogtland. In addition, REMO has de- veloped the “True Rebound” drumheads. DW is responsible for the specially designed digital drum hard- ware, the DWe all-wood trigger shell, and has played a key role in the sound development.

The Drum Workstation G9 represents a completely new concept for digital drums. It has outstanding features such as a 10” touchscreen module (direct touch interface) with an intuitive user interface, and is sup- ported by 4 control buttons that provide the user with quick access to the most important setting options during performance. 

The G9’s multi-chip design allows you to separately control the sound engine, trigger signals and the brand new Direct Touch Interface (DTI). As a result, a variety of processes can be carried out simultaneously and within seconds.

128 GB of internal memory gives users enough space to store a variety of sounds, which can be directly downloaded from the new GEWA Electronics Cloud from the Sound Store. 4GB of Flash memory are also available for quick access to pre-sets. Wireless data transmission via Wi-Fi and Bluetooth gives the G9 a range of connectivity that meets the most modern requirements. Interfaces such as ASIO, USB 3.10 and XLR outputs expand the interfaces of the GEWA Drum Workstation G9.

Another part of the digital drum revolution: HD triggering – position detection of a single stroke that is accurate to the millimetre. Realistic sound characteristics are conveyed with the 3D samples. Countless drums and cymbals were recorded in the world-famous Berlin Funkhaus Studio for the 3D Full Dynamic sampling. The sound production relies on naturally recorded sounds so that these digital drums can be at one with an acoustic drum kit. Up to 100 different layers of sound can be reproduced, thanks to the True Velocity technology.

A natural playing feel comes from the G9’s True Rebound heads, which have a double layer of mesh materi- al and are made by REMO USA. The GEWA E-cymbals have the same weight and dimensions as the Paiste 2002 series and include the following: 14” hi-hat, 14” and 18” cymbals.

To find out more about the G9, visit


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