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Massive Black Friday savings on this Ableton Push 2 with Ableton Live 10 Suite bundle - nearly $400 off!

Massive Black Friday savings on this Ableton Push 2 with Ableton Live 10 Suite bundle - nearly $400 off!
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For all the discussion over hardware versus software studio solutions, there’s one combination that cannot be beaten. Ableton’s Push 2 hardware device, combined with Ableton’s Live software DAW, makes for one of the most exciting, intuitive and – let’s be honest – fun ways to produce music.

In this year’s Sweetwater Black Friday sale, you can grab an incredible bundle deal which combines Push 2 with the top-tier Ableton Live 10 Suite software for under $1,000 – that’s a saving of nearly $400 off the list price. Even better than that; this price includes a free upgrade to Live 11 upon release in 2021. Sweet!

Ableton Push 2 with Live 10 Suite bundle: Was $1,398, now $999

Ableton Push 2 + Live 10 Suite bundle: Was $1,398, now $999
As a complementary pair, Ableton Push 2 and Live Suite 10 are on another level. Gain complete, tactile control over every element of the music composition and production process and take advantage of all the tricks Live 10 Suite has to offer for their lowest ever price this Black Friday.

While the relationship between music studios and computers is stronger than ever, with constant evolution in the world of DAWs, plugins and other tech, there is a clear move to find ways we can be less reliant on using a screen to make music. Since its launch, Ableton Push has been one of the more revolutionary ways of achieving this, offering deep, tight control over each and every parameter buried within Ableton Live, allowing the producer, performer or musician to create in a more hands-on way. The depth and complexity of a fully-featured software package, married with the physical act of performance.

With Ableton Push 2 and Live Suite 10, there exists a way of communicating between software and hardware that is both intuitive and fun to use, taking away the monotonous clicking of notes on a piano roll and providing a way to create music that incorporates feel into it. Every facet of Live’s feature-set is baked into Push, so you need never look at the screen again, yet that reassurance of knowing you can revert back if you need to is both reassuring and familiar. 

With Ableton Live 11 on the horizon, bringing new tools and ways to make music, the importance of Push is only going to increase. Now is the perfect time to embrace its potential.

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