Korg leaks new product info, arriving at NAMM 2018

OK, so we’ve not even had Halloween and we’re already wishing the year away, but any keen Korg-heads may well have already heard of the monthly podcast, Korg microKAST.

For the uninitiated, microKAST is a few people chatting about Korg products and technology in general. While it’s unofficial, the guys behind it do indeed work for Korg UK.

As reported on Synth Anatomy, the sources are legitimate and most recently, the podcast leaked the news of the iWavestation for iOS in a previous episode. 

In the latest episode, at 07:45 to be exact, there is talk of a new product, more specifically the name of the new product. Do check out the podcast for all the details, but what can be revealed is that the name may, or may not, have numbers in the title. OK, it’s not much to go on, but it does get the rumour juices flowing.

So what should we be expecting from Korg at the next Winter NAMM show? Of course, there will be multiple products, as history can attest. 

We’ve not a had ‘retro-release’ for some time now and there are plenty of old synths that most of the community would love to see again. The recent addition of the Mono/Poly to the world of iOS, would be a most welcome one, as would the Polysix.

Perhaps a new addition to the ‘logue family is on the cards? As the podcast suggests, the team is currently working on the name, so maybe a new 6-voice poly with full-sized keys going by the name of Megalogue is inbound?

We couldn’t talk about potential Korg products without talking about the Volcas of course. Now that Tatsuya ‘Tats’ Takahashi has left Korg, it does leave one to ponder on the legacy he leaves behind. The hope is that his effects on the Japanese firm are long-lasting. 

Whatever Korg decide to drop at NAMM 2018, be sure to check back on MusicRadar for all the latest news and rumours in the run up to the show.

Simon Arblaster
Video Producer & Reviews Editor

I take care of the reviews on MusicRadar and Future Music magazine, though can sometimes be spotted in front of a camera talking little sense in the presence of real musicians. For the past 30 years, I have been unable to decide on which instrument to master, so haven't bothered. Currently, a lover of all things high-gain in the guitar stakes and never one to resist churning out sub-standard funky breaks, the likes of which you'll never hear.

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