Happy World Guitar Day!

Today, the global guitar playing community will come together once again to celebrate World Guitar Day, a special on- and offline celebration of all things electric and acoustic guitar.

World Guitar Day is a unique opportunity to salute the players who have shaped guitar music, to acknowledge the unique spirit of the worldwide guitar playing community and inspire future guitar stars. 

We'll be posting all our stories, and the best of the rest here in our hub, so stay tuned to this page for 24 hours of pure guitar-mageddon.

Aspiring players will benefit from FREE guitar lessons to help them kickstart their own guitar playing journey. More established guitarists will have the opportunity to improve their technique, sound and songwriting through expert tips and tutorials.

Today also sees the first two play-offs in our Guitarist of the Year competitions, global talent contests searching for the best bass, electric, acoustic and young players. Finalists are duking it out live on stage at the UK Guitar Show in London

You can get involved by spreading the word through your social channels, using the official hashtag #worldguitarday, and preparing your own content for the big day. We want to see pictures of your guitar collection, find out how you started playing and what the guitar means to you.

Get involved and you could be joining the ranks of Paul McCartney , Slipknot, Sky Arts, BBC 6 Music and even this kangaroo, who all declared their love for the guitar during the 2018 event.

Join us in celebrating World Guitar Day! Get playing, and share your best guitar videos, pictures, tips and stories with hashtag #worldguitarday

World Guitar Day latest...

The World Guitar Day 2019 interview - Guthrie Govan: "I’ve always wanted to write a dinosaur song. All thunderous footsteps, reptilian mating calls and all that stuff!"

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10 reasons to love being a guitarist

Happy guiitarist

(Image credit: iStock / Getty)

The world is full of awfulness. You know the sort of thing - war, economic hardship, The X Factor. Basically, a whole tsunami of bad stuff beamed directly into your face by whichever glowing rectangle you've decided to stare at today.

Guitar accessories and gear essentials for beginner guitarists

Guitar accessories and gear essentials for beginner guitarists

(Image credit: Getty/John Fedele)

With World Guitar Day 2019 upon us, perhaps you’ve been inspired to start learning the guitar, or return to the instrument after a long break? If so, there are a few guitar gear essentials to consider that will help make your playing journey an even more enjoyable experience.

World Guitar Day 2019: electric guitar basics

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Electric guitar basics is a series designed to answer all of those questions that crop up when you first pick up the guitar.

How to make a guitar stay in tune

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No-one likes tuning - so, let’s eliminate these pesky issues once and for all and get on with playing.

What My Guitar Means To Me, starring Rich Robinson, Kris Barras, Eric Gales and more

(Image credit: Tim Mosenfelder / Getty)

The guitar means different things to different people. For some it's a hobby; for others it's a potent tool for expression or a creative release from the rigours of life. Whatever your reasons for playing, we can all agree that the guitar is an incredibly powerful instrument.

5 guitar tricks you can learn from Jimmy Page

Jimmy Page

(Image credit: Jeffrey Mayer/Getty)

Under the spotlight for World Guitar Day is icon Jimmy Page. All of the examples have been influenced by his work with Led Zeppelin and are all electric guitar based in regular tuning. 

10 rock stars' first guitars

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We've all got to start somewhere, so if you're fed up of strumming away on a no-name acoustic - take heart - many of the world's greatest guitar heroes began their musical careers in exactly the same way. 

Class up your guitar solos with these 15 vintage blues licks

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The goal of this feature is to get you sounding more authentic in the vintage blues style. There are 15 examples to study and they have been split between five legendary players with three examples per player. 

The A-Z of acoustic guitar terms

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Guitar gear terminology can be oddly impenetrable. Even in the more belt-and-braces world of acoustics, there's enough jargon to make a newcomer's head spin.

11 quick-fire guitar lessons for World Guitar Day

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There are so many nuances to learning the guitar, and so many techniques and styles to absorb, that mastering the instrument really is a lifelong process. Navigating the right path through your guitar education can be difficult without a little guidance.

The ultimate guitar gear buying guide

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Choosing the right guitar gear for your playing style, ability and budget can be an absolute minefield. The last thing you want is to spend over the odds on something that doesn't fit the bill or deliver the sound that's in your head. 

10 chords every beginner guitarist should know

(Image credit: Future)

The title says it all! These are the 10 must-learn chords that every guitarist uses all the time. If you don’t know these chords, learn them right now.

The 15 greatest happenings in guitar history

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Join us on a tour through 100 years of guitar history with the help of a Beatle, a Stone and some unwittingly helpful Nazis...

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