LIMS 09: day two's must-see highlights

Day two highlights

Day two highlights

It's day two of LIMS 09, the rock stars are out in force and the show floor highlights are coming in thick and fast…

Fans of Apple can rejoice because we've got the skinny on controlling Ableton Live on your iPhone. Those who like to hit things with sticks can sit back and relax as we expose Zildjian's grand plan to sneak in a brand new update to its Z Series without anyone noticing.

And for everyone else: here's a lesson in beatboxing and looping… yes, it's as hard (and cool) as it sounds. Tomorrow? The live music hall opens its doors: rock 'n' roll!

Day two highlights

VIDEO: Novation Automap for iPhone
This software may be one of the most affordable new products at the show (it'll cost just a few pounds) - but is it the most intriguing?

VIDEO: Zildjian's brand new Z3 series
The third incarnation of the Z range retains the power and projection of the Z Customs, but the cymbals are more flexible (for better playability) than their predecessors

VIDEO: DubFX beatboxing and looping
Using a Boss RC-50 Loopstation and a Boss GT-10B bass multi-effects processor. Nice.

Samson Go Mic in the wild
Designed to either clip onto the top of your laptop or sit on your desk, this portable USB mic costs $49/£43 and, quite frankly, we want one

Custom painted guitars by Inky Hollow
Is the trend for custom-painted graphic guitars making a comeback? Guitarist magazine thinks just that…

Spot the star: Pink Floyd, Cradle Of Filth and Sandi Thom
One of the wonderful things about LIMS is the abundance of rockstar royalty roaming the show floor…

Roland Announces JUNO-Di Mobile Synthesizer
This latest addition to the Juno Series is specifically designed for the musician on the go: lightweight, portable and professional

From the basement…

12-year-old blues… just don't call it vintage

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