Ask MusicRadar: what's the best guitar amp for gigging under £1000?


You've already voted in droves for the 10 best amplifiers for blues guitar, the 12 best amps for heavy metal and the seven best low-powered tube heads under £300. Now Ask MusicRadar wants to draw on the collective knowledge of all you road worn guitar heroes out there to find out what you think is the best electric guitar amplifier on the market today for live use, for £1000 or less.

Whether you prefer a compact valve combo or an imposing solid-state head and cab, a grand is a serious chunk of anybody's money and it can buy a pro-level amp that has the power and authority to cut through whether you find yourself onstage in a nicotine-stained blues bar or rocking an outdoor festival.

So, you're a serious player with plenty of gigs on your calendar, you've got £1000 in crisp twenties... What would you buy to take care of business, night after night on the road?

What to do now

Tell us the make and model that you are nominating. It must be available new for £1000 or less, and not a secondhand or vintage amp. Combos or head and cab configurations are fine, but the total price of the rig must not exceed £1000.

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