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Guitar Center has shaved $67 off the Alesis Nitro Mesh ahead of Black Friday - here’s 5 reasons why it’s our favourite beginner e-kit

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Black Friday has always been a great time to buy an electronic drum set, particularly if you’re just starting out and want something that isn’t too big and doesn’t break the bank. We’ve always been confident in our assertion that the Alesis Nitro Mesh is one of the best beginner electronic drum sets. If you’ve had your eye on it for a while, or you’re looking to us to guide you to the right e-kit for you or your child, then right now Guitar Center is selling an Alesis Nitro Mesh Starter bundle with a 15% discount, knocking $67.50 off the usual price.  

This bundle not only comprises the kit itself, but also a PDP drum throne for added playing comfort, a pair of 5A Sound Percussion drumsticks and a pair of MG900 over-ear headphones; that’s everything you need to start drumming out of the box. But, with only 2 days left of this sale, you need to act fast.

Alesis Nitro Mesh bundle: Was $449.99, now $382.45

Alesis Nitro Mesh bundle: Was $449.99, now $382.45
Save $67.50 on this Nitro Mesh beginner bundle right now at Guitar Center. As well as the kit itself, in the box your also get a pair of drumsticks, a drum throne and a pair of headphones so you can hear your playing loud and clear without disturbing the neighbours. 

Still not sure? Here are 5 reasons why we would recommend this kit to any budding drummer:

1. It’s a compact kit

If you’ve been concerned that bringing a drum kit into the house might mean you lose a lot of valuable space, you needn’t worry. Electronic drum sets in general are smaller than acoustic kits and can be folded down to an even smaller footprint when not in use. What’s more, with the Alesis Nitro Mesh you can tilt the pads and fold the arms of the rack inwards to free up even more space.

2. Electronic drum sets are great for quiet practice

Not only are e-kits a more compact option than their acoustic counterparts, they are way quieter too. Plug in the headphones for drummers supplied with this kit and the sound of the drums will only be heard by the player. What’s more, mesh pads are a much quieter alternative to rubber pads that you often get with kits at this price point. While the kit won’t be completely silent in the room, you’ll be thankful for mesh, rather than rubber pads.

3. Mesh pads are great for learning

The Alesis Nitro Mesh comes complete with mesh pads for all toms and the snare drum. For a long time mesh pads weren’t an option in this price bracket - certainly not if you wanted to own a kit from a big name brand like Alesis - but the Nitro Mesh has changed all that. Not only do mesh pads feel more realistic - the closest thing you’ll get to the feel of real drum skins - but the pads can also be adjusted to the desired tension for more realistic rebound of your drumsticks.

4. The Nitro Mesh is easy to build

When you first open a box containing your new electronic drum kit, the pile of poles, bolts, pads and cables can look pretty daunting, but it needn’t be. The Nitro Mesh is actually really simple to build. Follow the instructions and it will quickly take shape. We compiled a guide showing you how to set up an electronic drum set if you need additional pointers.

5. The Nitro Mesh module is feature-packed

Sure, the module doesn’t offer the same quality of sounds that you’d get on a kit costing five times as much, but for an entry-level e-kit, the sounds are more than passable. There are 40 kits on board and 385 individual sounds. There’s also a range of 60 backing tracks, plus an auxiliary input for connecting a smart device and playing along to music via Spotify or YouTube. For tracking development there’s a recording function so you can record your playing and assess the playback. And finally, the on-board metronome means you can continually work on your timing, one of the foundational skills every drummer needs. 

Want to hear it in action? Take a look at our demo video of the nitro Mesh below:

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