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The best Alesis Nitro Mesh kit deals in April 2021: Grab yourself a cheap electronic drum set bargain

The best Alesis Nitro Mesh kit deals in March 2021: Grab a cheap electronic drum set bargain
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If you’re after a beginner electronic drum set, or a great practice kit for when you need to keep the noise down, we can help. Here, we’ve pulled together the best Alesis Nitro Mesh kit deals online today - meaning you can get your hands on one of our favourite budget electronic drum sets for a steal.

The Nitro Mesh is an all-mesh e-kit at the lower end of Alesis’ electonic percussion product range. That being said, it’s no slouch. Plug in a pair of studio headphones, and you’ve got a powerful (and nearly silent) practice tool with loads of epic drum sounds to immerse yourself in. It’ll connect directly to your computer via USB for when you want to record that next Grammy-winning idea, too.

We take a more in-depth look at the kit below, alongside our price comparison widgets, which have found the best Alesis Nitro Mesh kit deals online right now.

The best Alesis Nitro Mesh kit deals

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The best Alesis Nitro Mesh kit deals in March 2021

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The best Alesis Nitro Mesh kit deals in March 2021

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The best Alesis Nitro Mesh kit deals in March 2021

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The best Alesis Nitro Mesh kit deals in March 2021

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Alesis Nitro Mesh kit deals: close-up of the module

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Alesis Nitro Mesh

A small but mighty e-kit, complete with mesh heads

Price: $379/£325/€399 | Pads: 3x 8” mesh toms, 1x 8” dual-zone mesh snare pad, 3x 10” cymbals, 1x bass drum tower, 1x hi-hat pedal | Kits: 40 | Sounds: 385 | Connections: CD/MP3 aux input, USB, MIDI in/out, stereo line/headphone out

Looks classy
Great value for money
Compact and convenient 

Alesis has become a big name in the world of electronic drum sets as of late. Known primarily for revolutionising the home-recording game in the late ‘80s, Alesis went on to produce the all-time best selling SR-16 drum machine and DM5 drum sound module. Over 25 years later, Alesis is still producing some of the best affordable studio-quality products around. 

The Alesis Nitro Mesh kit continues that high-quality, low-price bloodline into today's market. The kit consists of three mesh toms, a mesh dual zone snare drum pad and three cymbals, with the crash cymbal including an ever-useful choke function. The dual-zone snare and chokable crash allow you to have more control over your playing, as well as encouraging creativity. The intention of the mesh heads and dual-zone pads is to create a greater sense of realism - something the Nitro Mesh does better than many (if not all) other kits at this price point. 

Alesis has loaded the Nitro Mesh with 40 ready-to-play kits, which you can tweak using any of the 385 sounds included. These kits range anywhere from reverb-drowned classic rock sounds to cranked jungle kits and 808 style samples, so whether you’re after be-bop or boom bap, you’ll find it in the Nitro module.

If you’re familiar with Alesis electronic drum sets, you’ll have heard the ‘Nitro’ moniker before. The Nitro Mesh takes the playing experience of its predecessor up a notch by beefing everything up. The mesh pads, frame and pedals feel significantly more solid, which means you can dig in and play to your heart's content. If an electronic drum set is what you’re after, then there aren’t many better options at this price than the Nitro Mesh.

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Alesis Nitro Mesh deals: Alternatives 

There’s plenty of competition when it comes to electronic drum sets, and while the Nitro Mesh is our favourite at this price point, there are some others that deserve a mention. If you’re looking for a slightly cheaper alternative, the Alesis Turbo Mesh could be exactly what you need. You still get the mesh heads and the good build quality, but you do lose out when it comes to a bass drum pad and dedicated snare arm. Alternatively, if you’re happy to spend more, we’d point you towards the Roland TD-1DMK. Again an all-mesh setup, this could be a great option for those who value the name and legacy of a more well-known brand.