Great deals on music-making magazines!

A subscription to a music-making magazine delivers 13 issues across the year, each packed full of new ways to play, new tricks to learn and the pick of the best gear to buy.  

Whether it’s for the guitarist in your life, the resident drummer or your local wannabe DJ, the perfect gift awaits them below. (Or you could just treat yourself, eh?)

And at this time of year, they’re going for a song! Here’s our pick of the top music-making mags around:

Guitar Techniques

The ultimate tutorial-based guitar magazine. A Guitar Techniques subscription nets you the world's foremost tuition-only guitar magazine and access to the most highly regarded tutors in the industry.

From £7/€9/$9

Computer Music

Each month, Computer Music delivers the best in step-by-step guides, video tutorials, and software demonstrations, helping beginners and seasoned professionals alike make incredible music with their PC or Mac.  

From £7/€9/$9


The UK's foremost magazine title for passionate drummers and percussionists of all levels. Since 1985, Rhythm’s global team of percussion experts has delivered the most authoritative, user-friendly and exciting drum magazine on the planet.

From £7/€9/$9

Bass Player

Bass Player is the world’s most comprehensive, trusted and insightful bass publication for passionate bassists and active musicians of all ages. Each issue delivers the latest tips and techniques that are guaranteed to make you a better player.

From $18.99

Play Like Your Heroes: Rock

We’ve dug deep into Guitar Techniques’ vaults to bring you some of its best rock lessons, from 60s blues-rockers to the most technically gifted guitarists in history. Our tutors explain everything and each lesson comes with full audio and animated tab.


Buy & Play Acoustic Guitar

Guitarist's Buy and Play The Acoustic Guitar helps you get started with the acoustic guitar, with bite-size lessons from some of the best guitar tutors in the business – covering everything from altered tunings and acoustic Latin techniques to quick-start guides on recording your acoustic and getting a great sound when playing live.


Piano for Beginners

Piano for Beginners is an essential guide for piano and keyboard first-timers. Simplifying the process through step-by-step tutorials, it will help you lay solid foundations for years of enjoyment. From the correct way to sit at the piano to reading notation, we start with the basics before expanding your musical horizons with easy home recording and genre-specific tutorials.


Total Guitar Annual 2019

Your essential guitar guide, Total Guitar Annual 2018 is packed full of essential features, interviews, maintenance tips, playing guides and more. Also includes easy-to-follow tab and free downloadable audio files to help you play better guitar now.


Play Like Your Heroes - Blues

For Play Like Your Heroes: Blues, Guitar Techniques trawled the archives for some of the best blues-based lessons from our exceptional roster of tutors and players. There’s so much great stuff here that it could literally keep you busy for months. The range of techniques and styles covered is huge; there’s rhythm, slide and stylised licks from the legends of blues; style studies on seven players that we thought deserved special mention; and it all culminates in an amazing essential blues chords feature.


Black Magazine Binder

This binder is suitable for storing all of our monthly magazine titles, and stores a year’s worth of your favourite magazine.  



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