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Go hybrid for less with up to $320 off the Roland TM-6 PRO Trigger Module, TM-1 and RT-MicS

Go hybrid for less with up to $320 off the Roland TM-6 PRO Trigger Module, TM-1 and RT-MicS
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When it comes to creating a hybrid setup - that is, blending electronic elements with your acoustic kit - Roland is leader of the pack, thanks to a wide range of gear options for all applications and budgets, from drum triggers to modules.

From enabling you to play additional electronic sounds or cue backing tracks, to boosting and layering your acoustic sound with samples, there’s a lot of scope when it comes to hybrid experimentation.

Whether you’ve been considering augmenting your kit with your first bits of electronic gear, or upgrading to something with more power for blending, expanding and enhancing your sounds, this crazy Black Friday drum deal should tick all the right boxes on your hybrid wishlist.

The lightweight Roland TM-1 Trigger Module is aimed at helping players take their first step into the world of hybrid drumming. Two guitar pedal-style stomp switches enable you to use it as a foot pedal and toggle between 15 inbuilt kits. Small physical dials allow control over the two trigger inputs, including sensitivity, pitch, decay and volume control for each trigger. You can even add your own custom samples and loops. For Black Friday this compact unit has been dropped to the silly price of $109.99. Read the TM-1 review

If you’re looking for something with more power, the TM-6 PRO is the one for you – and if you’ve been considering buying an SPD-SX, then this could be a viable alternative. This module features six trigger inputs, comes loaded with 500 ace contemporary sounds, can play back samples, offers expandable memory, can be hooked up to a hi-hat controller and boasts brilliant backing/click track management – everything you could ever want from a module, with plenty of room to grow. Like the sound of that? Right now you can get $320 off the asking price, dropping it to just $499.99. Read the TM-6 review

The Roland RT-MicsS is a quirky device that combines a drum trigger, sound source, mic and mixer into one compact unit for your snare or toms. It comes loaded with hand claps and other snare variations to add new dimensions to your backbeat, or you can import your own samples and create your own signature sound! With $100 off for Black Friday it will only cost you $169.99.

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