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Get started with blogging, vlogging and podcasting with Sweetwater’s massive content creator sale

Man with acoustic guitar films a guitar vlog
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It’s never been easier to share your music and opinions with the world via vlogs, blogs and podcasts. If you’ve been considering dipping your toes into that world, now could be the time to get going. Sweetwater is currently running a huge Content Creator sale to arm musicians with all the gear they'll need to start creating quality content.

These days, becoming a music blogger or influencer is a genuine career move for the right personality and talent. Guitar YouTubers like Jared Dines and Stevie T got started with minimal vlogging equipment and have gone on to amass millions of YouTube subscribers with their hilarious, creative videos. If you have a cool idea for a channel or a unique musical talent, then a future in content creation could be for you.

If you already own a vlogging camera (if not, then that’s probably a good place to start) there are a few other bits of gear that could make the difference between 100 views and a million.

We’ve rounded up the best deals on everything from podcasting microphones and mixers, to headphones, cabling and all-in-one bundles (including gear from big name brands Rode, Apogee, Beyerdynamic and Audio Technica) to help you get started.

The Sweetwater sale runs through to October 16. If you’re not quite ready to pull the trigger just yet, we’d recommend bookmarking our Black Friday Music deals page where we’ll be sharing all the best offers for musicians and content creators throughout November.

The best Sweetwater content creator gear deals


Beyerdynamic DT 770 Pro Headphones: was $179, now $149
Save $30 on these 80 ohm closed-back studio mixing headphones and get a professional perspective on your mixes and edits. They're designed with comfort in mind for long sessions.


Apogee HypeMic + FREE headphones!
This plug and play cardioid condenser mic for iPod, iPad, Mac and Windows is ideal for podcasting and home recording. Drop $349 on the microphone and bag a FREE pair of ATH-M40x Studio Monitoring Headphones worth $99!


Rode VideoMic Pro+ Camera-mount shotgun microphone
This mic was $399, but you can bag it for $299 for a limited time. The pro's choice, the VideoMic Pro+ features a rechargeable Li-ion battery and a Rycote Lyre shockmount to deaden unwanted vibrations.


Blue Microphones Yeticaster Studio: ($219.99), now $199.99
Everything you need for podcasting, video game streaming, recording music, and much more on your desktop computer. Comes complete with recording software from PreSonus and mastering software from iZotope.


Rode Rodecaster Pro Complete Podcasting Bundle: just $999
Contents include: Rode RodeCaster Pro Podcast Production Studio, Rode Procaster Dynamic Broadcast Microphone, Rode boom arm and shock mount, 10' mic cable and a 32GB Sandisk microSDHC card. Usually these total $1,106.98 when bought separately.


Golden Age Project D2 podcasting bundle: $249.95
This great value bundle include a Golden Age Project D2 Large-diaphragm dynamic microphone, a Gator Frameworks desk-mounted broadcast/podcast boom mic stand, plus a pair of Audio Technica headphones. These items sell separately for $298.98!


Miktek ProCast SST microphone with mixer: ($229), now $179
Save $50 on this USB broadcast microphone complete with built-in mixer and 2-channel audio interface. Your podcast and vlogging sessions just got way easier.


Sennheiser MKE 600 microphone: ($419.95), now $329.95
This camera-mountable Sennheiser MKE 600 shotgun condenser is an easy-to-use route to instant quality sound, whether you're playing guitar or talking to the camera.

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